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Nigerian Hunter Kills An Elephant At Janiyi Camp, Idanre In Ondo State




A hunter guns down and poses with the elephant he killed at janiyi camp, idanre, ondo state. It was reported that the elephant has been destroying the crops in the community farms.

see some reactions below;

Daphne Legemah Why kill the animal instead of taking it to the zoo, no wonder some of the zoo in the country so empty

Tobi Adedayo This guyz should stop killing this wild lives, how long are we going to continue this cruelty… This animals are in danger of extinction for God sake

Izukka Nation I think the hunter was just being conscious of his money in first bank..since snake and monkey has done their part.. elephant is now a suspect..

Oroka Kingsley Those of you that are saying the hunter shouldn’t have killed the elephant,what if the elephant was a wild one trying to attack him?

Minded JoJo Wow……amazing…..this man just saved all first bank users……kudos to him…….so dis elephant ny one swallow our money b4……tanks man…..with cock and shoot u kill and elephant with…..tanks once again

Odofin Stephen – AYgrafix Im sure if ds s US or any oda developed country, ds man will be sued. D elephant doesn’t deserve ds.

Jenny Jesus And why are they killing it? This same Nigeria will travel to South Africa just to take pictures with elephant and before you do that you have to pay about a $100, why are we like this? Seriously e get as some Nigerians de behave wey de tire me so 😈😈😈😈😈

KC Kingsley Thank God dey kil de elephant early If not you will hear it has swallow all the money in Edo firs bank

Valentine Onyemachi Okechukwu If this story is true, the hunter should be booked. Must we extinct all the important wild life.

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